I am a visual artist and architect, interested in man and his relationship with the space that he lives in and perceives.
My concerns lie in the area of technology and new media, as strategic forms of communication, interaction and comprehension. I am interested in the way technology influences our perception, investigating how it interprets the reality, bringing into conversation opposing forces and challenging the boundaries between them: real and artificial, tradition and new, perfection and imperfection, human and non-human.

My work spans from digital 3D modelling and sculpture to installations and paintings. Alongside this practice I use technology to render human forms, expressing the surprising mystery of the digital uncanny; I am fascinated by the interplay of digital and physical models, through processes that put into relation materiality, three- and two-dimensional data.


MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins
University of the Arts, London (current)

Master's degree in Architecture
Universita' degli studi Roma Tre, Rome


2017 Art for the Environment International Artist Residency Programme (AER) at Domain De Boisbuchet (June, July 2017, France)

Selected exhibitions

Xhibit 2017, at Art Bermondsey Project Space, London by a panel led by Grayson Perry - London, Uk

The Enrolment Project, This is an art school, by Central Saint Martins, curated by Alex Shady, Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, 2017 - London, Uk

Somehow you and I collide, curated by Marc Hulson and Suky Best, The Laundry, 2017 - London, Uk

Tracce 2014, Auditorium San Domenico, curated by M. Angeli, 2014 - Narni (Tr), Italy

Closer #03, Sguardi Sonori, Palazzo Trinci, with Andrea Pinchi, Marco Laurenti,
music by The Right Words (of Confucio), curated by C. Fatigoni, S. Cecchi, 2013 - Foligno (Pg), Italy

Tracce 2013, Auditorium San Domenico, curated by M. Angeli, 2013 - Narni (Tr), Italy

Estate Romana, Sala mostre Gangemi Editore, 2013 - Rome, Italy

(Solo) Across me, Studio7 Arte Contemporanea, curated by Barbara Pavan, 2012 - Rieti, Italy

(Solo) Il mondo che vorrei, Faycam Rome, curated by C. Spaziani and L. Di VIrgilio, 2012 - Rome, Italy

Group exhibition at Ariele Gallery, curated by Enzo Briscese, 2011 - Torino, Italy

Group exhibition at Il rivellino Gallery, curated by Michele Govoni, 2011 - Ferrara, Italy

Il segno, Super-finalist International contest and echibition at Zamenhof Gallery, curated by V. Carrera, R. Desiderio, V. Patarini, 2011 - Milan, Italy

Jean Micheal Basquiat prize, best under30 artist, Zamenhof Gallery, 2011 - Milan, Italy

(Solo) Marco Pantaleoni, Nuovo Spazio Gallery, Palazzo Manin, curated by L. Chinese, 2011 - Udine, Italy

Centocinquanta, Sala consiliare del Comune di Rivodutri, curatedy by F. Santaniello, 2011 - Rivodutri (Ri), Italy

XX Biennale d’arte FVG, 2011 - Udine, Italy

(Solo) Traces, FCI International, curated by A. Fischer, 2011 - Salzburg, Austria

MAG, Finalist International Contest, curated by A. Moretti and C. Filizzola, 2011 - Marsciano (Pg), Italy

(Solo) Paralleli diversi, Il Convivio, curated by C. Ronchini, 2011 - Terni, Italy

Geminart, artisti alla fonte, Parco Fonte San Gemini, 2011 - San Gemini (Tr), Italy

Premio Arte Coseano 2011, 1st prize International contest, 2011 - Udine, Italy

Press and Pubblications

Wannabe art students invited to enrol at Tate Modern school by Mark Brown, 2017

by Francesco Santaniello and Barbara Pavan

L’Estate Romana di Renato Nicolini
exhibition catalogue curated by R. Lenci, F. Luccichenti, P. Palomba, G.Palumbi, L. Prestinenza Puglisi, G. Pullara, F. Purini, C. Strinati, Gangemi Editore, publisher, Venice. ISBN13: 9788849226577

Marco Pantaleoni
exhibition catalogue curated by L. Chinese. Venezia NuovoSpazio, publisher, Venice. ISBN 978-88-905945-3-3