Lives and works in London, Uk


MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins - University of the Arts, London
Master's degree in Architecture, Universita' degli studi Roma Tre, Rome

Awards / Residencies

Honor Art Prize 2018 - Winner, Show One - London, Uk
Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2018 - Artist in residence
Lumen Prize 2017
, Shortlisted, Meural Student prize, 2017 - London, Uk
MiAL x UAL Commission, Winner, Made in Arts London, 2017 - London
AER 2017, Winner. Art for the Environment International Artist Residency Programme, Domain De Boisbuchet (June, July 2017, France)
Jean Micheal Basquiat prize, Winner, best under30 artist, Zamenhof Gallery, 2011 - Milan, Italy
Il segno 2011, Super-finalist, Zamenhof Gallery, Milan, Italy
MAG, Finalist, curated by A. Moretti and C. Filizzola, 2011 - Marsciano (Pg), Italy

Selected exhibitions

* = Solo Exhibitions

2018 - Affordable Art Fair 2018 - MiAL Showcase, curated by K. Huges and S. March, London
2018 - Ramificazioni, Castello di Squillace, curated by Simona Caramia, Squillace (Cz), Italy
2018 - Overpr!nt, Museum Centre de la Gravure et de l'image imprimée, curated by Jean Pierre Muller and Marc Hulson, La Louvière (Belgium)
2018 - Temporalities, Lethaby Gallery, curated by Steven Ball and Susan Trangmar, London, Uk
2018 - Studio Complex, Tate Exchange - Tate Modern, curated by Alex Shady, London, Uk
2017 - Visual Poetry #2, Sichuan University Art Museum, curated by Tingwei Liang, Xuefei Li, Ruidan Huang, Yongling Ye, Chengdu, China
2017 - Printout, Lubomirov / Angus-Hughes Gallery, curated by Rolina Blok and Paul Dewis, London, Uk
2017 - Postgraduate Art Auction, Lethaby Gallery, by Sotheby's and Central Saint Martins, London, Uk
2017 - Mistake me, 3D-Scan Performance, Four Corners Gallery, London, Uk
2017 - Persona, Four Corners Gallery, curated by Katie Huges and Sophia March, London, Uk
2017 - Visual Poetry #1, Black Stone Art Gallery, curated by Tingwei Liang, Xuefei Li, Chengdu, China
2017 - Xhibit 2017, Art Bermondsey Project Space, curated by a panel led by Grayson Perry, London, Uk
2017 - The Enrolment Project, This is an art school, Tate Exchange - Tate Modern, curated by Alex Shady, London, Uk
2017 - Somehow you and I collide, The Laundry, curated by Marc Hulson and Suky Best, London, Uk
2014 - Tracce 2014, Auditorium San Domenico, curated by M. Angeli, Narni (Tr), Italy
2013 - Closer #03, Sguardi Sonori, Palazzo Trinci, with Andrea Pinchi, Marco Laurenti, music by The Right Words (of Confucio), curated by C. Fatigoni, S. Cecchi, Foligno (Pg), Italy
2013 - Tracce 2013, Auditorium San Domenico, curated by M. Angeli, Narni (Tr), Italy
2013 - Estate Romana, Sala mostre Gangemi Editore, Rome, Italy
* 2012 - Across me, Studio7 Arte Contemporanea, curated by Barbara Pavan, Rieti, Italy
* 2012 - Il mondo che vorrei, Faycam Rome, curated by C. Spaziani and L. Di VIrgilio, Rome, Italy
2011 - Group exhibition at Ariele Gallery, curated by Enzo Briscese, Torino, Italy
2011 - Group exhibition at Il rivellino Gallery, curated by Michele Govoni, Ferrara, Italy
2011 - Il segno, Zamenhof Gallery, curated by V. Carrera, R. Desiderio, V. Patarini, Milan, Italy
* 2011 - Marco Pantaleoni, Nuovo Spazio Gallery, Palazzo Manin, curated by L. Chinese, Udine, Italy
2011 - Centocinquanta, Sala consiliare del Comune di Rivodutri, curatedy by F. Santaniello, Rivodutri (Ri), Italy
2011 - XX Biennale d’arte FVG, Udine, Italy
* 2011 - Traces, FCI International, curated by A. Fischer, Salzburg, Austria
* 2011 - Paralleli diversi, Il Convivio, curated by C. Ronchini, Terni, Italy
2011 - Geminart, artisti alla fonte, Parco Fonte San Gemini, San Gemini (Tr), Italy

Press and Pubblications - Wannabe art students invited to enrol at Tate Modern school by Mark Brown, 2017
Centocinquanta - by Francesco Santaniello and Barbara Pavan
L’Estate Romana di Renato Nicolini - exhibition catalogue curated by R. Lenci, F. Luccichenti, P. Palomba, G.Palumbi, L. Prestinenza Puglisi, G. Pullara, F. Purini, C. Strinati, Gangemi Editore, publisher, Venice. ISBN13: 9788849226577
Marco Pantaleoni - exhibition catalogue curated by L. Chinese. Venezia NuovoSpazio, publisher, Venice. ISBN 978-88-905945-3-3


2017 - Electro Nature, with Studio Drift (NL), Domaine de Boisbuchet, France
2017 - Address the Site, with Inside Outside (NL), Domaine de Boisbuchet, France
2016 - Mistaken Me in 3D, with ScanLAB Projects (Uk), The Photographer's Gallery, London