Sounding Frames
July 2017 - Domaine de Boisbuchet, France

supported by:
Studio Drift - Amsterdam, Nederland
Domaine de Boisbuchet - Lessac, France
University of the Arts London - London, Uk

in collaboration with Edgar Hemery - embodme

Aim of the work was the reflection on a careful and conscious observation of the relation between natural systems and human systems; using all the senses it tried to reach a pure and deep connection with nature.
‘Sounding frames’ was an immersive sonic and visual experience, which aimed at augmenting a natural environment, both visually and aurally. Visually, the installation guided the subjects on specific elements of the environment, such as the river, the open fields and the forest, through the alignment of geometric shapes. The accompanying sounds was recorded within these environments and progressively modified with digital audio effects.
The visual alignment is to be found by standing at the right place, which always changes depending on the viewer, and looking at the right direction. It is a matter of perspective.

teaser by Alex Harrison

Sounding Frames © Marco Pantaleoni
ph. Zito Tseng

ph. Zito Tseng